суббота, 13 мая 2017 г.

May 13

It’s been such a hectic and difficult week but I am glad it’s over. Two presentations, test in economics and finances, lots of German- not that funny, you know. Especially when you also realize that exams are already soon and you have to actually start preparing and not listening to music and dreaming(as usually, Masha). But what a good feeling it was when I was going back home on Wednesday after my final presentation in Project Management and also the test, and what a better feeling I had when I was going back home after another one presentation, where my topic was "Bonds,stocks and shares" , I just had a smile on my face that this week was already over. I think, everyone has such feelings when a hard day or a week is already behind.
I wish I could write here more but with the university and lots of studying it’s a bit difficult to do. Don’t know if I am gonna write more when the summer starts, if I find something to write about or even motivation, you know. It’s just sometimes hard to find the topic what to blog about..That’s actually one of the reasons why I was writing so little when I first started this “hobby”, so there were only photos and maybe a couple of words.Anyway, will see. For now I just have to deal with final classes and exams and also  keep a good mood. :))

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