суббота, 12 сентября 2015 г.

Changes for the better

The last episode of "True Detective" season 2.Guys,if you like detectives, fights, weapons and lots of talks...oh,and also a little creepy atmosphere and amazing music,then watch it. Seriously,it is really good.The first season is also good and I am not going to compare them.
 Salad with pesto and tomato juice
 Yesterday's last evening-night with the sweetest friend of mine. I am gonna miss her a lot.
I am gonna write this entry only in English because I just have no time.
So, as I've already mentioned, it's time for me to leave my hometown. Not gonna lie and say that I am not scared, because I am.I am scared,nervous but at the same time excited. Maybe everything would be easier if I moved just to another city in my country but I am not. I am moving to England,London.So maybe someone understands what I am feeling right now...
Tomorrow I will already be sleeping in a new room,in a new bed,live on a new place and meet people from completely different places.My study starts only on 21st of September and it's not even study but welcoming week.So I'm still having enough time.
What about blogging,I am not gonna leave it. No.This is not the reason to stop doing something I actually like. Especially, when I already have some readers, who I know, read me, write lovely comments. I don't know when and how often I am gonna take photos of myself,I mean, of my outfits. I have some prepared photos with new outfits which was taken here, so I am gonna post it already in London. But anyway, I am gonna continue this blog and take photos of everything. Of course,I am not gonna forget to check your blogs,guys,and leave comments.
So,I hope,guys,you don't leave me and even if somehow I am not gonna write anything for a long time, know, I just don't have time but I'll be back as soon as possible.
Now I need to keep packing and finally feel free for the rest of the evening and try to relieve stress.