суббота, 19 мая 2018 г.

Berlin. Part 2

Basically, everything I bought in Berlin :D I didn't have a really big suitcase and I also didn't really plan to shop there, except for some food(as you can see). It's not even like a proper food, but just lots of snacks and candy :D By the way, this brand of chewy candy is really popular. They're without gelatine. We have them here in Estonia, too, but unfortunately, only a couple of flavours. Since it's a German brand, they have more different flavours there, so I decided to buy all of those, I haven't tried yet :D And I also must add that they are cheaper there.
We visited a big shop where they produce Ritter Sports. I bought some for my relatives and also one vegan for myself. :)) Besides food, I did buy some new rings and lipsticks, but they didn't fit in this photo. :D

воскресенье, 6 мая 2018 г.

Berlin.Part 1

 A very first day.

 Evening in a,so to say, fancy shopping centre. We had dinner there in one of the restaurants. It was also quite expensive, but I was so hungry, so I didn't really care.
 My neighborhood was lovely.

Estonian Embassy

суббота, 28 апреля 2018 г.

Trip to Berlin

Last Tuesday I was in Germany, in Berlin. I was there during three days with some of my classmates and a german teacher from the University. Since it was like a study trip, we didn’t really explore that much of the city itself as well as didn’t go to any museums and theaters which is unfortunate, at least for me. We visited many different companies, and only two of them I liked.
It was a really intense programm from 10 am till 17 pm, so we were very tired, and our feet extremely hurt. In the end we couldn’t really move and were just going straight to our hotels and airbnb apartments. Some continued shopping and walking, but I personally was very exhausted.
There were some things that I didn’t like about this trip, but it’s a long story, so I am not gonna write about it. All in all, I am glad that, at least, I visited this city because I really liked it. People there are nice, the streets are clean, lots of nice parks, the nature and beautiful buildings. It was also much more warmer than in Estonia, and everything was blooming, everything was green.  I wish I had more time to explore the city and visit interesting places, museums, etc. But maybe some other time.
I managed to shop a bit, bought lots of chocolate, candy and other goodies that we don’t have here in Estonia. Also some things for my relatives.
I came back last night. Was very exhausted, so quickly showered and went to bed.Today still managed to go to yoga because I really missed our practices and my yoga teacher. While were laying in final shavasana, almost felt asleep :D A couple of minutes more and I would be laying there with my mouth open and seeing dreams.

Now I am just resting. Tomorrow gonna do lots of homeworks, preparations and other stuff. : ))
I haven't edited photos from Berlin yet, so it will be a separate post with them.