четверг, 21 сентября 2017 г.

Every Day is the Best Day

Such a good day. After the past days, this one is definitely a better one. 
I had only one class(German) today and then I peacefully practised languages at home, cleaned the apartment a bit and then headed to the yoga class. This was my second yoga class( I had the first one last week) and it was really really good. I've been practising yoga at home for quite a long time now but I can't say that I'm so good at it(not at all), especially because I still struggle with being still,calm and in peace. So I decided to finally take classes. It's not only for doing something in my spare time(instead of sitting at home), which is however also a good reason, but also to finally feel the whole practice, get some advice from the teacher and try to be present and calm my mind. So now I am sure that I am gonna keep going there for as long and as much as my free time allows me to do so. Of course, there will be a practice at home as usually and now I am even more enjoying it in the morning and sometimes in the evening. I am now trying to do it by advices from the first two classes, also turn on the relaxing music, burn the candles( it's autumn, dark and cold and very very cozy) and trying to stay in peace. :)
The teacher today said that it's our best day because it's simply started and tomorrow will be also the best one. I kept smiling and after the practice I was also very very relaxed and full of life. Now, as it is already almost a bed time, I am still kind of happy, I would say(unbelievable).
I am also going home tomorrow for two days which is another good thing that keeps me in a good mood. I will finally see my family, my little cat(missed him so much) and just will enjoy these couple of days. The weather is also promised to be good, warm and sunny, so I hope to take some photos for the first time this autumn year. :)
I have only French tomorrow at 8.30 am and then I'm leaving. The early start of the day doesn't bother me, even though I will probably be a bit sleepy as usually, but I am already quite used to it. And what can I do?I have to attend my classes especially a French class. Of course, the first thing in the morning will be YOGA, even though it will be not a long practice because of the early start, I am still gonna enjoy it.
Knowing myself....I hope I won't lose this attitude and will keep it not only during these weekends but also after.:)

среда, 20 сентября 2017 г.

среда, 13 сентября 2017 г.

Got Inspired

I woke up today feeling nothing. I wasn't tired or fully awaken but I just knew that I have to wake up and keep my day and my routine. I did 50 minutes of yoga and then had a delicious smoothie and an avocado veggie sandwich. It kind of cheered me up but not completely, especially after my previous night which I don't wanna talk about..I went to school and tried to stay positive and think of some pleasant moments and things.
What really saves me as most other people is finding an inspiration or something that will make me move.For me it can be anything from music, movies till the usual view from my window.
So on Sunday evening I got really inspired while before that I was again, not in a great mood, but after getting some doze of inspiration and good thoughts, I then wanted to finally get up in the morning and do the things. It's nice to feel this way because it literally saves YOU and YOUR day. At least,it works with me.

вторник, 12 сентября 2017 г.

Good Feelings

Today I messeged my mom and told her how much I miss her and want her to be with me. I was crying all past week and today, when she answered me, I also cried. It's been almost a week and a half since I left my home. I don't care that I am an "adult" now(even though I don't behave like that quite often, however I have to) and despite my age..I am also not ashamed of my tears and words that I miss my mom. For some people it's easy to leave their parents, homes, and for some it's not. Even though it's not my first year that I've moved to another city and it's not even another country, but I still feel sad. Maybe that's also because I am not completely satisfied with what I am doing, with where I am etc...
I also wanted to say how excited I am for the fall and mostly for October. Not only because it's my birthday but also because of all the beauty, atmosphere and coziness. I don't know when it's started but earlier I didn't feel so excited for this season. I mean, I liked it but not always, escpecially because of the rains and cold weather but I still enjoyed the atmosphere. Now I can also sometimes complain about cold weather(I hate cold), sometimes about the rain and strong winds(usually when you have to go somewhere), but still my attitude has changed. Now I feel more content with this season. Can't wait to start baking apples,apple pies,cookies,cocoa etc..Also looking forward to making the room cozier with the candles and lights. Love this crisp fall air in the mornings and evenings. 
Those feelings and things really save me from negative thoughts and being sad.
Wish you a happy September!

воскресенье, 13 августа 2017 г.


I try to enjoy these last summer days(not really that summer) and the last days of freedom before I will have to come back to another(not favorite of mine)city and get to studying.
Right now I have some things that I am really worried about. I’ve even written down some of them and tried to find the solutions, so I hope it will help me to think of them less or not to think at all. The thing is, I don’t really remember about my worries in the morning or afternoon, long story short, almost the entire day,but just when I go to bed and start reading, my head starts to remember all the things that worry me or that I have to get done. It’s so annoying, especially when I am ready to peacefully fall asleep or enjoy a book. Anyway, it’s not a new problem for me, I already deal with it for quite some time, which I know is not good, but I try my best to stop this shit and stop overloading my head.
Besides thinking of school, I also try to catch some sun. Luckily, this summer I was more into getting a tan, so at least now I am not pale as it usually is. I also enjoy some good books. Right now I am reading a book about Nefertiti(an Egyptian queen) which is really interesting. I hope to finish it soon and find at least one more book in a library before the school starts.
That's it for today.Good night.

суббота, 5 августа 2017 г.


Here I am with more photos from beautiful Norway.

пятница, 4 августа 2017 г.

One More Try

 Hello again!
I know, there are no excuses for me, considering that I've been gone again for more than a month.It's just all about my own fight with the feelings, thoughts and the entire mess in my head.But I decided to take one more try.

This summer was pretty fast. It's only a month left and then I'll go back to my usual study routine.Gosh,how I don't want this. I mean, I want to study, learn new things and develop myself but I don't want to come back to the city where I study and to the place where I live. So everything I can is just being patient and keep doing what I have to and try not to complain about all this sh**...
Anyway, I hope this last month of summer will not be that bad and I'll be able to enjoy it even though I've been on the beach only once and couldn't even swim in the sea because water was hell cold.

In my last post I said that I was going to Norway for about two weeks in the middle on June. I guess,I also have to mention that.
Well, those 2 weeks turned into almost a month.It was a good trip and I really enjoyed this country, the nature and the clean air with water. The landscapes that I saw were pretty amazing and it was even more fascinating when I was listening to a good chill music and observing all the beauty around me.Besides that, I worked there, got some new experience and feelings that I've never had before. I'm not gonna explain it because it's really personal and I am not even sure myself if I'm happy that I've got through this. It's definitely better to be somewhere new and see new places so I am not complaining about my trip at all.
I am gonna show the rest of Norway photos in my next post and I hope I won't lose this little passion to keep writing more.
Good night!