среда, 28 октября 2015 г.

Current favorites

Today I decided to show you some things I've recently got and can officially call my new current favorites.
First, my striped warm pyjama from H&M which I am in love with. I don't have a proper photo of how it looks on me(I bet, a bit funny).It's just like leggings and a shirt with long sleeves. Every time I can't waint for the evening when I can put this comfy pyjama on, pour somethihg hot in my cup and veg out.
Took this body butter on sale and glad I did, because it smells amazingly. And the texture is really great ,it perfectly well moisturizes the skin.
The bag is from Zara. It can seem a bit big which indeed is, but that is actually what I needed.All my other bags are not big enough.But this bag hits the spot to carry everything you need in this from my camera to a bottle of water or whatever else.
The last thing is this candle which smells super yummy but also costs pretty expensive. On the flipside, it longs quite a long time and gives a fresh smell.