пятница, 29 мая 2015 г.

New items

Since summer is around the corner,it's time to prepare. I've already prepared my summer clothes and taken all winter and warm clothing out of my closet to make more space for summery stuff. 
Today I wanted to share with you couple brand new items for summer. I ordered from Ebay these black sandals.I like that they have a small heel which makes it a little more interesting. Unfortunately, the quality is not really good since these sandals are chinese ,but for this summer it'll be okay.
I can't get enough of jewelleries. Now I like such kind of chains, little rings and also bracelets. I found these gold jewelleries from H&M(of course) which are pretty good to brighten up any summery outfit.
I also bought some summer items from their collection for the music festival Coachella. Those collection was amazing, I immediately felt in love with it. But I'll show it in the next posts, when the weather will be appropriate.