понедельник, 23 ноября 2015 г.

Daily photos

 Tofu with persimmon.Do you,guys,like persimmons?I just love them but I prefer them hard than soft.
 Tiiime for tangarines.I love when house,hands and even clothes smell like t angarines.It reminds me of upcoming holidays and all this coziness and warmth.
 Sorry for my wrinkled pants and for the slipper in the background.
 Cheese breakfast for two.Cheese with honey is such a great combination.If you like cheese but have never tried it with honey then do it,it's really delicious.
 The book "Gone" was so interesting that I could not stop reading it,even though I did not want to read it fast and finish it but I could not. I think most of you have seen the last year movie based on this book.If you have not read it then I recomment it to you.I like both the book and the movie and can't even say what is better.
 Breakfast in the cafe.
 Cat cafe