воскресенье, 13 августа 2017 г.


I try to enjoy these last summer days(not really that summer) and the last days of freedom before I will have to come back to another(not favorite of mine)city and get to studying.
Right now I have some things that I am really worried about. I’ve even written down some of them and tried to find the solutions, so I hope it will help me to think of them less or not to think at all. The thing is, I don’t really remember about my worries in the morning or afternoon, long story short, almost the entire day,but just when I go to bed and start reading, my head starts to remember all the things that worry me or that I have to get done. It’s so annoying, especially when I am ready to peacefully fall asleep or enjoy a book. Anyway, it’s not a new problem for me, I already deal with it for quite some time, which I know is not good, but I try my best to stop this shit and stop overloading my head.
Besides thinking of school, I also try to catch some sun. Luckily, this summer I was more into getting a tan, so at least now I am not pale as it usually is. I also enjoy some good books. Right now I am reading a book about Nefertiti(an Egyptian queen) which is really interesting. I hope to finish it soon and find at least one more book in a library before the school starts.
That's it for today.Good night.

суббота, 5 августа 2017 г.


Here I am with more photos from beautiful Norway.

пятница, 4 августа 2017 г.

One More Try

 Hello again!
I know, there are no excuses for me, considering that I've been gone again for more than a month.It's just all about my own fight with the feelings, thoughts and the entire mess in my head.But I decided to take one more try.

This summer was pretty fast. It's only a month left and then I'll go back to my usual study routine.Gosh,how I don't want this. I mean, I want to study, learn new things and develop myself but I don't want to come back to the city where I study and to the place where I live. So everything I can is just being patient and keep doing what I have to and try not to complain about all this sh**...
Anyway, I hope this last month of summer will not be that bad and I'll be able to enjoy it even though I've been on the beach only once and couldn't even swim in the sea because water was hell cold.

In my last post I said that I was going to Norway for about two weeks in the middle on June. I guess,I also have to mention that.
Well, those 2 weeks turned into almost a month.It was a good trip and I really enjoyed this country, the nature and the clean air with water. The landscapes that I saw were pretty amazing and it was even more fascinating when I was listening to a good chill music and observing all the beauty around me.Besides that, I worked there, got some new experience and feelings that I've never had before. I'm not gonna explain it because it's really personal and I am not even sure myself if I'm happy that I've got through this. It's definitely better to be somewhere new and see new places so I am not complaining about my trip at all.
I am gonna show the rest of Norway photos in my next post and I hope I won't lose this little passion to keep writing more.
Good night!

вторник, 13 июня 2017 г.

Summer Holidays

The spring semester is finally over and it's already been 13 days since I'm home. It was sad during the first days because my cat died in April and it felt really different and hard being here without her. However, last Thursday we took another little buddy in our family and I would say, besides not feeling lonely anymore,I also feel busy.
He is still very small, only a month and 13 days. So we have to feed him, sometimes wash, watch him and always play with him. I also sleep with him which is not really fun sometimes(I will share the photos later).
Anyway, it’s really good to be back home and also be free from the university. I’ve finally met with my dearest friend and we had a really long talk because we haven’t seen each other for quite a long time so there was a lot to tell.
On Friday I am leaving for Norway for about two weeks. I hope, besides work and other stuff, to take some pictures and just walk there, especially because I’ve never been there. Even though it’s colder there than here in Estonia, I am still glad to leave this country even if only for two weeks.

суббота, 27 мая 2017 г.

Last Days of Spring

These past days were quite hectic and busy again. Last week I had my so called exam session started. Luckily, this semester there are not that many exams and one of them was in a presentation form. Besides, I was exempted from a German exam as well(well done) but I found out about it only when I was already ready and had 5 minutes before leaving the house and heading to the school, when I got a message last Monday from the teacher where she kindly informed me that I don’t have to take the exam. Wohoo.. 
I have only one left now which is on Monday and it will be one of the hardest, I guess, due to lots of financial terms and texts and there will be written and oral parts, so quite intense.
Anyway, I try not to worry about it that much and just prepare and go with the flow. Especially because next week it’s already summer and I will be free from this business stuff and business education, at least for three months (I hope). 

суббота, 13 мая 2017 г.

May 13

It’s been such a hectic and difficult week but I am glad it’s over. Two presentations, test in economics and finances, lots of German- not that funny, you know. Especially when you also realize that exams are already soon and you have to actually start preparing and not listening to music and dreaming(as usually, Masha). But what a good feeling it was when I was going back home on Wednesday after my final presentation in Project Management and also the test, and what a better feeling I had when I was going back home after another one presentation, where my topic was "Bonds,stocks and shares" , I just had a smile on my face that this week was already over. I think, everyone has such feelings when a hard day or a week is already behind.
I wish I could write here more but with the university and lots of studying it’s a bit difficult to do. Don’t know if I am gonna write more when the summer starts, if I find something to write about or even motivation, you know. It’s just sometimes hard to find the topic what to blog about..That’s actually one of the reasons why I was writing so little when I first started this “hobby”, so there were only photos and maybe a couple of words.Anyway, will see. For now I just have to deal with final classes and exams and also  keep a good mood. :))

суббота, 6 мая 2017 г.