воскресенье, 31 декабря 2017 г.


Good evening!
Today is the last day of 2017, so I decided to make a last post this year.
Nothing much to say, just enjoying the holidays as I wanted. Did some shopping, cinema, café, Christmas movies and a much needed sleep. Besides that, practice yoga and meanwhile reading my new yoga book that dad gave me as a Christmas present. Finally, went to the library and took the books that I wanted to read, and it’s just so pleasant now- to have free time and read a good book on a cold day with a cup of something hot.

I am not a type of person who is doing this “resolution” thing. For now, I know what I want and what goals I want to achieve, so there is no need for me to write it or make a big list of the things, because there are not many of them. I actually think, it’s good to have just some and focus on them, then the result will be better and everything you’ve planned will be achieved. 

I just hope that the next year will be even better for me, and there will be less bad and dark days.
Happy New Year!

воскресенье, 24 декабря 2017 г.

Winter Holidays

Two days as I’m home and I couldn’t be happier.
I was so excited when I was on my way home on Friday afternoon after two exams. While we were driving, it was snowing outside and already dark, so it felt extra cozy.
I am trying to recover from sleepless nights now. I was also sick all past week but, luckily, now I am feeling better. 
Today I woke up slowly, made a cup of coffee, lighted a candle and read a good book. No rush, no thoughts about school or that I must do my homework, just a relaxing morning. Then I practiced some yoga on my new mat.
Today it’s already a Christmas Eve. We had some champagne and tomorrow planning to celebrate it a little in a family circle. I am planning to make a spicy hummus, fried crispy eggplants, of course, a veggie salad and some other stuff.
Walking in the shops is actually so pleasant right now because of all this holiday rush and atmosphere. Trying to enjoy it as much as I can right now.
Merry Christmas!

суббота, 16 декабря 2017 г.

Festive Mood

It's already a mid of December and I've not even written anything about it yet. I mean, how I actually enjoy this month for its atmosphere, holiday hustle, lights and warmth. I know, I mention it every year (when I had my old blog) but it's just hard not to mention it and appreciate this time of the year. It is basically what saves me right now while I am in the study process-the atmosphere. 
Next week it's already Christmas, how crazy is that. Time flies so fast. 
I can't stop looking at the windows when it's dark outside. When I am in the city or at home, I like to just look out somebody's window and to see their Christmas lights.
Two weeks ago I bought a beautiful dress in H&M. I wasn't planning to buy anything too festive and wanted to find something I would wear on a daily basis, but the dress that I saw there caught my eye immediately and I couldn't stop but had to try it on and afterwards bought it. Even though, I'll be with my family on New Year's Eve (nothing fancy, you know), I still like to take this oppourtunity and dress up a bit. :))) We all do. Also have already bought all the presents I wanted. 
Luckily, there still 15 days left to enjoy the rest of December with a festive mood.:)
 My peanut butter cookies that I baked in November but forgot to upload. Not the most attractive cookies but damn delicious. Planning to bake plenty of these in January. In December there will be more of ginger cookies baking. :)

пятница, 15 декабря 2017 г.

The Last Week

I’m so happy this week is over. Mainly, because it was just one more week before the final week (obviously), the last kind of week with proper schedule as it was during the whole semester, also 2 final presentations that I had on Thursday. I made it a bit easier for myself (skipped two classes which were already not that important), but I still was very tired. On Monday I could barely move, so I decided to skip my evening yoga class and instead flowed for an hour at home after school. At 8 pm I was completely exhausted and couldn’t already do anything, so I just laid in bed and finished “Stranger Things” season 2.  
Nevertheless, during this week I got 2 good news. On Thursday I found out whether I need to write an exam in German or not, and as it was expected –NO. It’s already the third time that I get an automatic A based on my results during the semester, so I’m pretty glad and proud of that. Also, today French teacher said that I don’t need to write the exam there too by the same reason. Even though, I’ve already planned a bit when to start preparing and it also included French, but luckily I don’t need to. So, 2 exams less and that’s really cool.

Basically, next week is gonna be consisted almost of exams. I have 4 of them, a couple of left classes and that’s it. On Friday after my two finals in a row ( gonna be crazy) I am going to leave for Narva. 
I am a bit nervous about the exams, especially about a Law one. I hope, I won’t mess up and will manage to do it decently. If everything goes well, then I’ll have an almost stress free January and won’t have to come back to Tallinn to write any more exams. Last year I had to come on the 5th of January and do a Business English exam , but this time I am planning to do everything next week, so I can(I hope) don’t study during the rest of the December which is basically Christmas and then a New Year. 

Now I'll go to bed, try to fall asleep, maybe read before that. Tomorrow planning to go to a usual "morning" hatha yoga class(the last one this year which is sad, especially because I won't be able to visit it for a month as I will be in Narva, but still, of course, will do it at home by the teacher's advice and help).

воскресенье, 3 декабря 2017 г.

Sweet Emotional Weekends

Last Friday my mom came to visit me in Tallinn. It’s now our tradition- she comes in the beginning of December to me. So this time it was straight 1st of December. Luckily, I had no French this time and we could reunite with my mommy right in the morning. I met her at 10.30 am and we immediately started talking, hugging and many other things too. We missed  each other so much.

Again, by tradition we baked ginger cookies listening to Christmas songs while outside it was heavily snowing but because it was wet snow, it was not very nice outside. Later we went to the city to walk, take some photos and explore new places we haven’t visited. When it got a bit darker, found a cozy café in the Old Town where we’ve not been and went there to warm up and drink lattes. It was so nice, sipping delicious coffee, talking to a favorite person and watching how it’s slowly but surely getting darker, and snowing outside.

We came home around 4pm. Of course, we lighted candles, lights and turned on one of the Christmas movies from our list. It was followed by hot tea with ginger cookies, persimmons and tangerines.  Later on a thriller with homemade popcorn and tea with honey and lemon. Before going to bed, we talked, discussed some things and just relaxed.

I’ll be honest and say that I got a bit emotional when mom went to sleep  and I stayed in my room. Suddenly, I got scared, felt lonely, even though mom was right behind the door in another room. But I was just worried about the school-how much I have to do, about my exams and grades, also about being lonely, etc...So I went to my mom and cried to her for a while lying on her shoulder and hugging her. After that, I calmed for a bit but couldn’t sleep right away. Some time needed to fully relax and calm my mind, but luckily after awhile I managed to do this and felt asleep.

On Saturday morning we decided to go early to a café to have a little breakfast in a café. It was good to wake up early while it was dark, almost no one on the streets, only lights and silence. Even though I would sleep much more instead of waking up so early, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to spend more time with mom. Then, at 13pm she left home. : ((
3 weeks, and I’ll be home. I just need to be patient. 

суббота, 18 ноября 2017 г.

Rested and Calm

I woke up today fresh and rested. Got ready, snacked on some fruits: a persimmon and an apple, and headed to yoga. What a good practice it was. We always start with breathing, slow warm up and Surya Namaskar and then balances and strength asanas, after what I was really sweaty. Our practices often vary, sometimes you sweat a lot, sometimes not, and today I really was...but it was really really good. After Shavasana I was very relaxed and rested.

After a two hour practice I had a latte while reading a book and then bought some things-presents. At home I lighted candles and had some yummies. Again, just relaxed, watched movies, had tea and so on.
Really try not to bother myself with school or anything connected with that, at least one for day. Can’t wait to finally finish this semester and reconnect with my family and enjoy the winter holidays. :))