четверг, 19 октября 2017 г.

Turn Off Thoughts

I had such a nice feeling standing in the garden under a little rain where was no one but only me. Breathing crisp air and enjoying a day. I was calm and wasn’t thinking of much and it was amazing!

I am so waiting for coming home but one thing bothers me: I always think of some kind of plan what to do, how to spend these days, etc.. It’s my birthday next week and fortunately I have a good school timetable and I hope that I will be able to go home already next Wednesday. So I have pretty much enough days to spend with my fam and enjoy those days. However, I also want to do something, you know. So I can’t stop thinking of it and making some kind of plan how I would like to spend this time, “celebrate” my birthday, etc..
Seems kind of ridiculous but that’s the way I am: always organize something, plan everything and think of how I want to spend the next day. It’s not always like this but sometimes it is and it bothers me…
Anyway I’ll try not to think of it so much and just go with the flow. It’s already good that finally I'll go back home and will spend this time with my family and my little cat. :))

суббота, 14 октября 2017 г.

Cozy Saturday

I am all warmed up right now, sitting in my compfy leopard pants with the candles that give me such a cozy and warm filling while it’s raining outside. It’s been raining all week actually,  but not really complaining about that( it only sometimes) because it’s October, there is nothing else to expect from that.

This week was not really a good one. I had really mixed feelings. On Wednesday and Thursday I was feeling a bit unwell, was sleepy, tired and had a stomachache. Then at night, I was thinking of maybe I should change something that would help me to feel better. I was thinking of what I was doing wrong, how to improve it, my habits, etc…It always happens when you feel bad and then you start thinking of what you did wrong.

I went to yoga today, then had a nice walk in an Old Town. Sat in a café and had a pumpkin spice latte while reading a new book “Five quarters of the orange” which is really good and interesting.
At home baked some apples with cinnamon, walnuts, raisins and added some peanut butter. That was delicious.
Basically trying to feel better, smile and enjoy autumn even if some days I don't feel like this at al..

My delicious apple pie with cinnamon and nuts. I swear, it was so yummy, especially when you drink with it a cup of hot cacao. :)

пятница, 6 октября 2017 г.


Decided to upload the last summer photos that were made in Mid-August. I believe, this was my last summer "photoshoot".
The цeather was really nice:sunny and summery hot. I had a great walk and a photoshoot with my lovely mom and auntie after what we cooled down with cold lattes.
Our great walk ended with delicious pizzas, red wine and other goodies. Truly a good day, good memory.

понедельник, 2 октября 2017 г.

October 2nd

September went by really fast(as all the other months). Now, when October is finally here, it already feels like autumn: gloomy and cold, starts earlier to getting darker and darker. Already got my coat from the closet, start watching fall movies, bake everything with apple and cinnamon and cook pumpkin soup. Of course, candles and the lights to make it cozier and warmer.

Yesterday finished the second part of the “Gone with the Wind”. Such a good book, even though I was a bit sad with the ending, that it felt like there is supposed to be the continuing part but there is not. I can guess how Scarlett’s life may end up but these are only guesses and there can be different endings.Anyway, I liked it and really enjoyed that time readin.
Now I am gonna hop into the shower then relax a bit and end up another one Monday. 

пятница, 29 сентября 2017 г.

Good to be Home

Last weekends were really great. Luckily, the weather was also amazing- shiny and warm. Talked a lot with my mom, grandma and dad. Watched some “autumn” movies with mom. One of the them was “You’ve got Mail” which is kind of well-known, especially during the fall season when you’re looking to watch something during this time.
On Saturday I baked oat pumpkin muffins which turned out not really as I wanted it to be and it didn’t really taste as pumpkin but they still were quite delicious. Also played a lot with my little kitty boy, got some new scratches from him but not complaining. Short story long, these were really good weekends.

четверг, 21 сентября 2017 г.

Every Day is the Best Day

Such a good day. After the past days, this one is definitely a better one. 
I had only one class(German) today and then I peacefully practised languages at home, cleaned the apartment a bit and then headed to the yoga class. This was my second yoga class( I had the first one last week) and it was really really good. I've been practising yoga at home for quite a long time now but I can't say that I'm so good at it(not at all), especially because I still struggle with being still,calm and in peace. So I decided to finally take classes. It's not only for doing something in my spare time(instead of sitting at home), which is however also a good reason, but also to finally feel the whole practice, get some advice from the teacher and try to be present and calm my mind. So now I am sure that I am gonna keep going there for as long and as much as my free time allows me to do so. Of course, there will be a practice at home as usually and now I am even more enjoying it in the morning and sometimes in the evening. I am now trying to do it by advices from the first two classes, also turn on the relaxing music, burn the candles( it's autumn, dark and cold and very very cozy) and trying to stay in peace. :)
The teacher today said that it's our best day because it's simply started and tomorrow will be also the best one. I kept smiling and after the practice I was also very very relaxed and full of life. Now, as it is already almost a bed time, I am still kind of happy, I would say(unbelievable).
I am also going home tomorrow for two days which is another good thing that keeps me in a good mood. I will finally see my family, my little cat(missed him so much) and just will enjoy these couple of days. The weather is also promised to be good, warm and sunny, so I hope to take some photos for the first time this autumn year. :)
I have only French tomorrow at 8.30 am and then I'm leaving. The early start of the day doesn't bother me, even though I will probably be a bit sleepy as usually, but I am already quite used to it. And what can I do?I have to attend my classes especially a French class. Of course, the first thing in the morning will be YOGA, even though it will be not a long practice because of the early start, I am still gonna enjoy it.
Knowing myself....I hope I won't lose this attitude and will keep it not only during these weekends but also after.:)

среда, 20 сентября 2017 г.

среда, 13 сентября 2017 г.

Got Inspired

I woke up today feeling nothing. I wasn't tired or fully awaken but I just knew that I have to wake up and keep my day and my routine. I did 50 minutes of yoga and then had a delicious smoothie and an avocado veggie sandwich. It kind of cheered me up but not completely, especially after my previous night which I don't wanna talk about..I went to school and tried to stay positive and think of some pleasant moments and things.
What really saves me as most other people is finding an inspiration or something that will make me move.For me it can be anything from music, movies till the usual view from my window.
So on Sunday evening I got really inspired while before that I was again, not in a great mood, but after getting some doze of inspiration and good thoughts, I then wanted to finally get up in the morning and do the things. It's nice to feel this way because it literally saves YOU and YOUR day. At least,it works with me.