пятница, 28 августа 2015 г.

New shoes

Today I wanted to show you my new shoes which I was looking for particularly for autumn.
The first pair of slip ons are from Reserved.Since I was looking for shoes for fall, these are great for rainy days.I also really liked that they have pointed toe which makes them even more interesting and stylish.
The last pair of shoes are ballet flats.I found these in H&M and immediately liked them.First, again, I liked their pointed toe. Secondly,I like their shape. They kida have some side slits which look really pretty.And since they are suede,it's purely for  dry weather.

понедельник, 24 августа 2015 г.

Daily photos

Morning fog
She follows me everywhere
Snack and a magazine
Last week we had a little picnic outside with sushi and some wine(I had a glass and it wasn't delicious for me).Sorry for the tablecloth,I know it's not very attractive.
P.S. my sushi were without fish.
Morning breakfast was bloody delicious.
Those morning was very hot,so iced cappuccino was a must.

вторник, 18 августа 2015 г.

OOTD/Trapeze skirt

Всем добрый день!Сегодня решила начать запись с русских слов, а то как никак,а блог то русский, хотя и не знаю, если кто-то из русских читает меня..
Спешу поделиться новым нарядом и своей новой находкой.Многие уже,наверное,видели подобные юбочки,может она или похожая уже также весит у кого-нибудь в шкафу.Я давно уже приметила эту юбочку у нас в H&M и очень захотела приобрести её. Поначалу я немного медлила с покупкой и лишь только из-за длины юбки. Я лично сама не привыкла носить юбки и платья такой длины, в основном все мои приобретения чуть длиннее, просто так я себя чувствовала более комфортно. Но и опять же, многие из них(а их не так много у меня) в форме колокола,свободные и на ветру разлетаются, так что понятно,что длина должна быть подходящей, а иначе при сильном ветре можно засветить лишнее...Но всё же купив эту юбку, я ни сколько не пожалела.Во-первых,села она отлично,прямо по фигуре,а во-вторых,мне очень понравилась её форма-трапеция,таких у меня в наличии пока не было.Да и сама юбка довольно интересного плана ,из замша,спереди пуговки и по бокам ещё и карманы есть.А главное, даже если на улице ветер,то ничего не поднимется, не съедет, так как юбка практически прямая и материал прочный.Так что походив в ней, я уже привыкла и не чувствую никакого дискомфорта.
Кофту я приобрела в Seppala.Тоже давно хотела себе приобрести одну с длинным воротом,но всё ещё хочу найти такую же,но тёплую.
Кстати,мне очень понравилось место,где были сделаны эти фотографии. Наверное, плюсом ещё было,что солнце светило и через деревья проходили лучи, что не давало освещать всё место, а лишь частями.
Hey,guys!Today I am coming to you with a new look and also with my new find. Most of you probably have already seen such types of skirts and maybe someone already has it in her wardrobe. I found this skirt already a long time ago, saw it on some bloggers and it looked so stylish, so interesting.When I saw it in H&M,I badly wanted to acquire it too. At first I was a bit confused about its length. I am personally not used to wear quite short dresses and skirts, and everything I have in my wardrobe is mostly longer but at the same type looser, and the material is lighter.But anyway when it's too windy outside,I need to be careful.Either way I don't regret that I bought this skirt. First,it sits perfectly on me, and secondly, I really liked its shape-trapeze which makes it more interesting. The material is also very gentle,since it's suede and also all these details as buttons and pockets give a great complement to the skirt. The main thing, even when it is windy outside, skirt will be okay and nothing bad ( you know)won't happen. So now I don't think it's too outspoken or something like that and when I walk in it,I don't feel any discomfort.
The blouse I found in Seppala.I also wanted such with a long collar but still want to find something like that but warmer.
By the way, I really like the place where I took these photos. It also looked kinda interesting because of the sun and the trees,cuz it didn't  allow to light up the whole place but only partially.

четверг, 13 августа 2015 г.

August photos

Time to share with you some daily photos taken already in August
Tea with cookies
 This summer as all others I ate lots of berries.So happy to have a fridge full of these goodies.
 Delicious banana peach ice cream with blackcurrant, cherries and dates.
 Just a quick shot of me playing bowling(and a  sneak peek of my outfit which will be soon on my blog).
 It was a nice evening with my mom. We just sat on the grass, fed these cute ducks and talked.
 On Tuesday I went to Tallinn to visit my dear friend Diana. It was so nice to see her again and spend two and a half days together. We drunk this very delicious cold coffee(you may know I love coffee),she showed me some cool places which I haven't seen before.
I literally felt in love with Diana's room.We had dinner, breakfast and just lots of talks on the balcony, because the weather was just for this and it was very nice.

суббота, 8 августа 2015 г.

суббота, 1 августа 2015 г.

OOTD/Chilly weather

I have nothing new to show you,guys,maybe if only this denim jacket.But I kinda love this look,it's perfect for a chilly weather.