вторник, 28 июля 2015 г.

Daily photos

so glamorous...:D haha,nope.The magazine is really pretty, and I just love raspberries!
 Greek salad and latte.
Tried to catch some evening rays..
Watched "Terminator".
 Banana and strawberry ice cream.
 So lucky to have a cottage there are lots of yummy berries,fruits and veggies!
Evening ritual on the sea.Caught the sunset with ma friend.

среда, 22 июля 2015 г.

OOTD/Floral dress/Collection:Coachella

Hello,guys!Today I am excited to share with you my last item from the "Coachella"collection. This is this white floral dress that I am just in love with. I wore it only once, but as soon as it will be warm again, I am gonna wear it non stop, because it's just so beautiful, so perfect for summer.When it was chilly,I wore it with my denim jacket that looked also good. 
Dress:H&M/Ballet flats:don't remember/Accessories:H&M

четверг, 16 июля 2015 г.

OOTD/Summer shorts

Earlier there were a lot of words and photos about my "Coachella" pants(actually I'm gonna make another one look with them :)).Now I'd like to show you my lovely summer shorts(not from Coachella) which are also from H&M and quite cheap. So what do I like about them?Actually, everything.Firstly, they're very comfy,I even wanna sleep in them.I like that they're high waisted,  have pockets and, all in all, I like that they are not just monochrome but have a pattern. So when it was hot, I wore them almost every day.
Guys, I hope you have a great real summer where you live, because I don't.:) I don't suffer from this, but since it's summer, it's supposed to be hot and sunny(at least sometimes) and I just badly wanna swim in the sea.Personally I already don't remember when we had warm and sunny weather all day in our city...So enjoy your summer! :)

суббота, 11 июля 2015 г.

A bit of summer

 Veggie pizza
Mom's birthday
 Early June
 Summer brekkies are amazing
An evening walk with my lovely friend

понедельник, 6 июля 2015 г.

OOTD/Summery black


среда, 1 июля 2015 г.

OOTD/Bright colors for summer

I feel it's too much H&M in my wardrobe, but I just can't deal with that. We have not so many shops and if I can't find something in others,I usually find it in H&M. But especially in summer time there are lots of great items. 
This almost entire outfit is from H&M.I'm wearing my new blouse which is perfect for summer. As you may know I am not a big fan of such bright colors, but when it's summer and the item is pretty,I can't pass by this.