вторник, 26 мая 2015 г.


I love these sunny photos,the sun in the mornings and songs birds.Very glad that next week it will already be summer.I am so excited to finally put on my summer clothes and catch some summer rays.
So last Saturday I finally received a diploma from my photo courses. Still so happy I went there 2 years ago. I've got a great experience, practice and just a pleasure being around those people,doing what I like,hearing and seeing something new. It actually also gave me the opportunity to develop myself, become more confident,since I met new interesting people, participated in photo competitions and got some prizes,diplomas.
I am sure everyone has something he loves and enjoys doing and also gets from it something useful.If you don't want your life to be boring and not interesting, then you find, do something,meet someone and go somewhere. I hope in the future things will change and I won't have these boring days anymore and won't live in this terribly boring city that I am fed up with...but anyway love,since it's my home.:)