суббота, 27 мая 2017 г.

Last Days of Spring

These past days were quite hectic and busy again. Last week I had my so called exam session started. Luckily, this semester there are not that many exams and one of them was in a presentation form. Besides, I was exempted from a German exam as well(well done) but I found out about it only when I was already ready and had 5 minutes before leaving the house and heading to the school, when I got a message last Monday from the teacher where she kindly informed me that I don’t have to take the exam. Wohoo.. 
I have only one left now which is on Monday and it will be one of the hardest, I guess, due to lots of financial terms and texts and there will be written and oral parts, so quite intense.
Anyway, I try not to worry about it that much and just prepare and go with the flow. Especially because next week it’s already summer and I will be free from this business stuff and business education, at least for three months (I hope). 

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