пятница, 4 августа 2017 г.

One More Try

 Hello again!
I know, there are no excuses for me, considering that I've been gone again for more than a month.It's just all about my own fight with the feelings, thoughts and the entire mess in my head.But I decided to take one more try.

This summer was pretty fast. It's only a month left and then I'll go back to my usual study routine.Gosh,how I don't want this. I mean, I want to study, learn new things and develop myself but I don't want to come back to the city where I study and to the place where I live. So everything I can is just being patient and keep doing what I have to and try not to complain about all this sh**...
Anyway, I hope this last month of summer will not be that bad and I'll be able to enjoy it even though I've been on the beach only once and couldn't even swim in the sea because water was hell cold.

In my last post I said that I was going to Norway for about two weeks in the middle on June. I guess,I also have to mention that.
Well, those 2 weeks turned into almost a month.It was a good trip and I really enjoyed this country, the nature and the clean air with water. The landscapes that I saw were pretty amazing and it was even more fascinating when I was listening to a good chill music and observing all the beauty around me.Besides that, I worked there, got some new experience and feelings that I've never had before. I'm not gonna explain it because it's really personal and I am not even sure myself if I'm happy that I've got through this. It's definitely better to be somewhere new and see new places so I am not complaining about my trip at all.
I am gonna show the rest of Norway photos in my next post and I hope I won't lose this little passion to keep writing more.
Good night!

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