понедельник, 17 апреля 2017 г.

Waiting for Warmth

A week ago it was so sunny and warm that I could actually walk with my coat unzipped and even had a chance to put on my new spring trench coat last Monday.  Nevertheless, yesterday we had a snow and 0 degrees outside.  This is what we have to live with here in Estonia..
Anyway, on Saturday after my usual morning ritual(yoga,breakfast),plus cleaning and a lack of sleep(us usually), I finally visited one of the famous museums in Estonia. I cannot say for sure If liked or not. I mean, there were definitely things that caught my eye and seemed interesting to me, but most of them I didn’t understand or just didn’t like. I am not an art person, that’s for sure. So most things that I don’t find attractive and don’t see anything in them to stop and discuss, others will talk about them for 20 min or even longer. Despite this, I had a really good luck to visit many interesting places, not only museums that I liked but also theatres, Botanical Gardens and so on. Even though, most of them were in my hometown, I wish one day I’ll have more opportunities to see these things abroad.
Short story long, today I am back to school again since it’s Monday. Here are some photos taken in the beginning of April.

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